Innoquous 3 is a platform game in which you can use arrows scattered around levels to manipulate in which direction gravity is pointing. The game uses a smooth mechanic to rotate the view accordingly, making the game seem fluent. There are 30 brand-new levels in the game, which can be played in one of three game modes - Standard (normal), Conditional (a certain objective must be completed for the level to be passed), and Fiery Floors (where some of the ground has been lethalised, increasing the difficulty). Once unlocked, levels can be returned to as many times as you like thanks to an easy to use level select mechanism. On top of those, there are two speedrun modes. INQS 30 is a speedrun of all 30 of Innoquous 3's levels. INQS 60 is a speedrun of all three Innoquous games in one go. Fastest times are recorded for you when you save your progress, as well as numerous other statistics, some useful, others less so. There are also ten trophies to collect for meeting certain game objectives, such as the 100% Completion award. These are displayed on a page in the menu. The menu itself is designed to be easy to use and as little hassle as possible. Use left or right to switch between items, and click/hover over buttons to interact with them.


Added a bit more security to the site.

Fixed a gblitch: trophies displayer. They now display correctly.

Innoquous 3 released.


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